Through our employee assistance programs we offer both employee services and employer programs to increase productivity.

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Our work-life services provide employees access to childcare, eldercare, and other beneficial resources to assist with achieving the right balance.

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Resources for Managers

We provide assistance and resources for managers and supervisors in handling employee behavioral issues that occur.

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Resources for HR

Comprehensive tools for HR professionals in meeting the challenges presented by employee behavioral health issues.

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Comprehensive Management Tools That Influence Positive Workplace Behaviors

Executive Coaching

Services that focus on leadership development and talent management to improve organizations' performance.

Layoff Services

Providing guidance to organizations facing resizing at both the employer and employee level.

Critical Incidents

We provide training and resources to educate organizations on how to deal with critical incidents faced by employees.

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We provide resources to help organizations, management, and employees educate themselves and appropriate interactions.


Penn's program for mindfulness offers stress management techniques and coping skills.


Have access to employee assistance resources involving behavioral health information, personal issues, and family issues.