Vision Statement

Penn Behavioral Health Corporate Services’ (PBHCS) goal is to be the region’s only ‘boutique’ EAP carrier providing personalized behavioral health solutions and services for employers within the Philadelphia tri-state area.

Mission Statement

The mission of Penn Behavioral Health Corporate Services is to continue to be the experts in behavioral health as well as innovators for future unique behavioral health products and services through our affiliation with Penn Medicines' Department of Psychiatry, a nationally recognized leader in behavioral health for over two decades.

What We Do

Most organizations know their needs, as well as, their obstacles. Penn Behavioral Health Corporate Services offers the expertise to address the behavioral health issues that stand in the way of meeting your organizational objectives. PBHCS provides onsite, personal expertise, without outsourcing any of our services, to the following areas: Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester Counties, Southern New Jersey, Central New Jersey and Wilmington, Delaware.

Corporate Assistance Program

Working directly with Human Resources, we align our program objectives with your unique policies and goals.

  • Organizational behavioral health audit
  • On-site critical & emotional incident stress management
  • Policy-related HR consultations & briefings on trainings
  • Layoff Services
  • Integration of services into policies, practices, & regulations
  • Quarterly utilization & trend analysis

Management Assistance Program

We provide customized manager and supervisor training based upon organizational needs. Each program is designed to help managers navigate the complexities of the workplace and employee behavioral health issues.

  • Customized behavioral health trainings
  • Interventions and follow-up
  • Coaching on effective communication
  • Substance abuse assessment program
  • Ongoing communication and support

Employee Assistance Program

Confidential access to EAP services for any and all personal problems an employee or dependent may face.

  • 24 hour access to master level intake clinicians
  • Confidential telephonic & face-to-face counseling
  • Comprehensive network of credentialed, clinically licensed providers
  • Work Life resources
  • Resources and educational materials

Supplemental Programs

In addition to standard EAP programs and services, PBHCS has an expanded scope that includes targeted solutions for management and the overall organization.

  • Mindfulness- mediation techniques to manage stressful lives with healthier alternatives
  • Professionalism – Interventions designed to help facilitate a psychologically-healthy workplace
  • Executive Coaching- Program that enables leaders to maximize their potential

For more information, contact Penn Behavioral Health Corporate Services at 215-746-3085